I was sort of struggling with what to call this part of our blog. “Health” just seemed to vague.

I’ll probably come up with something catchier than LE, too, but for now, it probably best describes what I’m interested in within the very broad range of health choices out there.

The over-arching goal is to get a little more mileage out of this “spirit-mind-body” package we loosely call life.

Probably could have also called this the “Less Pain” or “Make Life Suck Less After 50” blog.

What I’m interested in and will write about here from time is any tech that I find which seems to actually improve conditions–most of which will be physical improvements for now.

For example: there are things like “Nutrition Response Testing”, which is a highly accurate form of muscle testing founded by Dr. Fred Ulan. It’s?crazy-accurate if it’s performed by a certified practitioner. ?This method has saved us thousands of dollars in hospital bills without a doubt.

Or how about the mat which gives off a magnetic wave much like that coming from the earth which makes poor sleep and bad circulation a thing of the past? ?I can’t mention the name here online, but I’ll post a store or two about it soon.

There’s also the Bulletproof Coffee which permanently rid me of my weekly migraines.

This and more as I ramble through the ocean-sized morass of stuff you can do to “be healthy”.


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