Aren got a bit eager and actually plugged the wrong battery cable (there are two) into the charger.

That resulted in a popping sound and some smoke. So I’m buying a new battery and charger set (actually two batteries).

Fortunately the F100 seems to be compatible with the more common Bugs 3 drone, so we’ll use that batter.

Also, I was watching this excellent video about how balance chargers work (hint: li po batteries have more than one batter in the battery you put in your drone. So each battery has to be charged in a balance fashion or they could go ::poof::).

In that video I found a much better charger which shows you the individual cell and their voltage (which is apparently important).

So we’re going to get that one soon I think. May have to put off the purchase of an racing drone radio controller (will explain that in upcoming post).

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