I’ve been testing out a new kind of workout called the timed static contraction (TSC). The workout version of this that I’m following is from Drew Baye who is a High Intensity Training (HIT) expert out of Orlando Florida.
While I’m not quite ready to start posting workout selfies and all that kind of thing, I will say that I’m getting just the kind of results I want without having to go to the gym. The only thing it requires is a strong strap like the kind you might tow a car with. These are available for just a few bucks on Amazon.
I love this because it’s a portable gym bagsically. I could easily take it with me on a trip or bring it into the office and get a lunch workout without even leaving my office. And I’m getting a complete workout. It takes me maybe half an hour and I don’t have to go anywhere or feel self-conscious at some kind of a meat-market gym.
Perhaps most importantly, it’s almost impossible to get injured with this form of HIT work out because there’s no range of motion. That’s where most of the injuries occur. So I’ve been able to keep a consistent regimen going with no down time for several weeks.
If this interests you, here’s a link to the book on Drew’s site.?https://tribeof7.link/2zcJTpX
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