We have a different approach to health over here at the Tribe.

We don’t treat symptoms. We use them to find root causes of dysfunction.

Allopathic doctors mainly go after symptoms. Got a headache? Mask it with a Tylenol!

This is fine and sometimes necessary but wouldn’t it be better to discover whether there’s an organ or other part of your whole body system which is behind that headache?

I used to have weekly (sometimes daily) migraines. Now I don’t have them at all.

That’s because I decided to pursue the problem on a basis of organic dysfunction.

It takes more time but does it? I mean, think of how many days I’ve returned to my productive life by not having migraines any longer?

I’ll do a post soon about methods. This is just me saying it is possible to go after the deeper physical causes and get results for yourself without having to hide symptoms as one’s main approach to feeling healthy.

My whole family is living proof of this.

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