My new home gym

Costed all of $16. Portable. Part of my all-new home workout program based on Timed Static Contractions (TSC) from expert Drew Baye. Just started it in earnest today.  This was my first full workout with it and I love it. Saved me time and I feel like I've been...

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Function is senior to symptoms

We have a different approach to health over here at the Tribe. We don't treat symptoms. We use them to find root causes of dysfunction. Allopathic doctors mainly go after symptoms. Got a headache? Mask it with a Tylenol! This is fine and sometimes necessary but...

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Why “Life Extension”?

I was sort of struggling with what to call this part of our blog. "Health" just seemed to vague. I'll probably come up with something catchier than LE, too, but for now, it probably best describes what I'm interested in within the very broad range of health choices...

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