I’ve been testing out a new kind of workout called the timed static contraction (TSC). The workout version of this that I’m following is from Drew Baye who is a High Intensity Training (HIT) expert out of Orlando Florida.
While I’m not quite ready to start posting workout selfies and all that kind of thing, I will say that I’m getting just the kind of results I want without having to go to the gym. The only thing it requires is a strong strap like the kind you might tow a car with. These are available for just a few bucks on Amazon.
I love this because it’s a portable gym bagsically. I could easily take it with me on a trip or bring it into the office and get a lunch workout without even leaving my office. And I’m getting a complete workout. It takes me maybe half an hour and I don’t have to go anywhere or feel self-conscious at some kind of a meat-market gym.
If this interests you, here’s a link to the book on Drew’s site. https://tribeof7.link/2zcJTpX