Drone Review: The F100 Ghost

We bought this drone as a next step up from the multirotors you get at a toy store. Overall I would say we are quite pleased with it, especially for the price ($150 on Amazon, but you can find for about $100 on eBay, which is what we did). She has...

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Lesson learned-don’t blow out your battery

Aren got a bit eager and actually plugged the wrong battery cable (there are two) into the charger. That resulted in a popping sound and some smoke. So I'm buying a new battery and charger set (actually two batteries). Fortunately the F100 seems to be compatible with...

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New Drone

Well Aren just graduated up from the typical drone you'd find in any kids home, to something more substantial (read: FASTER--isn't that what everything is about: Speed?). The key differentiator here is the having what they call "brushless motors". I don't know a lot...

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