We publish blogs on a number of topics and keep them separate just for easy reading.

Here’s the complete of the tribal blogs:


Life Extension / Health

Hans has had an interest in “functional medicine” for over two decades now. Approaching health holistically, instead of focusing on symptoms, has always just seemed more logical. Here we will post what we have found to actually work for us. Note: we’re not doctors so this isn’t medical advice. Keep your own counsel in the end.

Tribal Parenting

We believe a big reason why we get so many compliments about our kids is because we maintain a strong family unit and homeschool them. This blog is all about that, our successes, failures and how we learn from them.

Drone Adventures

Aren is getting into drones in a major way. He has just become interested in racing drones. So we are going to start exploring that and will do our best to journal as we go!
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