What The Tribe Is Doing

Still a nerd...

Hans runs software development for 700 seat business process outsourcer (BPO) in St. Petersburg, FL.  Get to know him here.

Christine's LulaRoe

Comfort+Style+Fun = no wonder this brand went from zero to a over a billion dollars a year in sales. Try one of their amazing styles and you’ll see why! Learn more

"Bio Hacking" (Life Extension)

We have have spent several decades seeking out health and medical technologies that work.  We love to share so don’t be bashful: ask!

Family / Homeschool

We’re super passionate about helping other families win in life. Ask us about how we homeschool or our approach to parenting.


Be comfortable and stylish. Check out Christine’s line of LulaRoe clothing. Shop through our Facebook group or come visit our in-home boutique where Christine will personally take yoiu through the styles.

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