What The Tribe Is Doing

Still a nerd...

Hans is a systems business analyst (read: uber geek) for a kick-ass energy provider group in Seminole, FL. Get to know him more here.

Pro looking nails in 10 min!

No more toxic fumes or trips to the salon. Apply this stick-on (real) nail polish in minutes at home. Amazing colors you can’t get from a bottle! Go!

"Bio Hacking" (Life Extension)

We have have spent several decades seeking out health and medical technologies that work.  We love to share so don’t be bashful: ask!

Family / Homeschool

We’re super passionate about helping other families win in life. Ask us about how we homeschool or our approach to parenting.


The most innovative thing to hit finger nails since nail polish itself: polish you can stick on. It is real nail polish you can apply in 10 mins at home. Order some nails or find out about the opportunity on Christine’s website.

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